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Why rate a company with The Net

Rate our advertisers.

If you have used one of our advertisers please go to their page via the search function above or navigate by area and category.

Search by entering all or part of the business name.

Once on the advertiser's page you have the opportunity to rate the service you have received on a scale of 1 to 10 and to give a brief testimonial. If you have received a good service please let others know so they may use this advertiser with confidence.

How to rate a company

Step 1. To add a rating, navigate to the business you will be endorsing: Type their name into the dynamic search.

Search box

Step 2. Scroll down the page to the 'Rate this business' form and add your details along with a testimonial.

Rating form

Step 3. It will then be submitted to our team and once approved, added to the ratings list. It couldn't be simpler!

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