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Company:Rainham Tuition Centre

Address:St Paul's Church, Parkwood Green, Rainham, Kent, ME8 9PN

Phone:05602 53888207944 950735

Contacts:Mrs Deborah Martin

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 Rainham Tuition Centre has a proven track record of supporting children working towards the 11+ grammar school selection tests in either Medway or Kent. The tuition your child receives when attending our courses will help them in their preparation for this very important series of exams.

Testing is currently carried out in the first month of your child starting their final year of primary school.   
Grammar school selection tests are not compulsory, but are based on parental choice with advice and guidance from your child’s school as to whether your child would be considered ‘suitable’ for a Grammar school education.  As the selection tests are not mandatory it is not included as part of the schools learning curriculum and as a result many children enter the tests without sufficient preparation on exam technique and subject knowledge.
Rainham Tuition Centre bridges this gap as we recognise that many children have the potential to do well in these tests but lack the skills and knowledge needed to approach the exams with confidence.  It is worth saying now that the centre is not a replacement for the education your child receives in their school.  We cannot hope to cover the extensive curriculum offered in schools but we supplement their school learning in Maths and Literacy as well as introducing Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning so that they are fully conversant with all aspects of the tests.  In addition to subject learning we cover exam techniques, time management and memory skills.

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