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Annual Christmas Float Routes

Rotary Club of Gillingham

Annual Christmas Float Routes

Rotary Club of Gillingham,6.00pm - 8.30pm

From 5.00pm Christmas Eve

The collection from this annual event goes to local charities

Friday 8th December- St Johns, Milton Rd, Montgomery, Shakespeare, Canterbury St, Frederick, May Rd, Belmont Rd, Vicarage Rd, College Rd, York Av, Windmill Rd, Longfellow Rd, Rock Ave

Tuesday 12th  December -Taverners Rd, Bettescombe Rd, Elmstone, Arthur Rd, Herbert Rd, Lonsdale Dr, Broadview Ave,

Wednesday 13thDecember - Third Ave, Sturdee Ave, Second Ave, Barnsole,

 First Ave, Woodlands Rd, Sunnymede Ave, Toronto Ave, Canadian Ave

Thursday 14th December - Charlotte Drive, Vancouver Drive, Jefferson Drive, Edwin Rd, Durham Rd, Maidstone Rd left side, Lyndhurst Ave, Marshall Rd,

The Goldings, The Platters

Friday 15th December - St Johns Rd, Chaucer Rd, Canterbury St, Kimberley Rd, Pretoria Rd, Nelson, Napier Rd, Borough Rd, Trafalgar St, Copenhagen Rd, Gillingham Rd, Waterloo Rd, Seaview Rd, Wellington Rd, Adelaide Rd, Stopford Rd, Cowper Rd

Saturday 16th December - At Rainham Shopping Centre

Monday 18th December - Eastcourt Lane, Lewis Ave, Twydall Lane, Brenchley Rd, Elmfield, Featherby Rd, Chilham Rd, Allington Rd, Broadway, Priory Rd,

Abbey Rd, Hanway, The Chase, Chalkenden, Locarno Ave, South Ave

Tuesday 19th December -Tufton Rd, Suffolk Ave, Northumberland Ave, Berengrave Lane, Holmoaks, Wooldeys Rd, Broomcroft Rd, Bushmeadow Rd, Chalky Bank Rd, Childscroft Ave, Parkfield Ave, Heartpiece Close, Station Rd

Wednesday 20th December - Taswell Rd Henry St, Station Rd, Ellison Way, Macklands Way, Cobdown Grove, Caldecote Close,

Ten Acre, Burrstock Way, Shorefields,

Thursday 21st December - Napier Rd, Junction Rd, Albany Rd, Coleman St, Barnsole Rd, Louisville Rd, Sturdee Ave, Toronto Rd, Livingstone Rd, Gillingham Rd, Linden Rd, Sunnymede Ave, Gordon Rd

Friday 22ndDecember -Yeoman Dr, Heritage Dr, Academy Dr, Darland Ave, Hamelin Rd, Kingsway, Audley Ave, Hunters Way, Windyridge, Allison Ave, Leyton Ave, Rowland Ave,

Saturday 23rd December - at ASDA

Pier Road Gillingham

Sunday 24th December, start at 5.00pm - Stuart Rd, Park Ave, Watling St, Cleave Rd, Seaton Rd, Malvern Rd, Holmside, Barnsole, Third Ave, Sturdee Ave, Carlton Ave, Alexandra Ave, Larkfield Ave, Oxford Rd

Sunday 24th December 2017

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