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Reach local customers with local advertising, start by getting a free web listing with The Net.


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If you are looking to list your charity, club or group please select the Group link above or the Event link for a dated event.

Enter your company details below; select the area(s) that you wish to advertise in and the category you wish to be listed.  Once approved you will appear in the listing and search results on our website as a 'Free' listing.

If you need any help or would like to advertise in the magazines please contact us on 01634 310011.  Advertising in the magazines automatically elevates your listing ahead of 'Free' listings and upgrades your listing to include a full page with your logo, advertisement, description, map location and customer reviews.  Advertisers in the magazines can also opt for chargeable extras i.e. page enhancements and 'Premium' listings to improve and raise the profile of their business.


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